Cooking: Stir fried long beans

Recipe is here

I did not add any of the sauces nor the garlic, because I had leftover stir fried beans as takeaway from lunch at a chinese restaurant.

Cooking the beans took a lot longer than what the recipe said – I had to keep mine covered (and stirring – the heat might’ve been a bit high) for at least 20 minutes. YMMV…

It tasted good though!


Note: I snipped off both ends of each long bean, I think that’s how you do it…

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Cooking: Beetroot ginger soup

Recipe here

It’s a really easy soup recipe, apart from the prep required to grate the ginger everything else is quite straightforward.

Try it yourself!


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Cooking: Borsch soup

The base recipe is here

As the recipe said, the soup recipe is very forgiving with the ingredients you use – although I think if it doesn’t have at least beetroot, onion, carrots, and potato – it’s just not the same.

Compared to the Chinese version which does not use beetroot (see here or here for recipes), I found the version I used to be a little bit more complicated (the prepping of the beetroot takes a little while) but I ended up making a huge batch.


Wait… the last bit might just be me I think!

Anyway, give it a go and let me know how yours turn out!


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Cooking: Taiwanese Scallion Oil Noodles (葱油拌面)

Recipe here and here (main version – in chinese).


My main concern with this one is that I only have olive oil at home… and this recipe demands quite a bit of oil (compared to usual cooking usage). I would suggest using a cheaper variant e.g. Bran oil.

With the soy sauce, I used a mix of a high-grade soy sauce that I use sparingly for cooking, and bought a cheaper bottle of Lee Kum Kee’s premium soy sauce. The mixing of different soy sauce is said to give the scallion oil a depth of flavor, so definitely use more than one source(sauce) for your soy sauce… get it… 😛


Goes great with freshly cooked asian noodles!

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Cooking: DIY Chicken stock!

Using recipes from here and here

Have yet to make it… collecting ingredients now. Will update once used!


Update: Seems OK – light flavors of chicken. Need more chicken bones though!


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Cooking : Broccoli soup

Recipe link here

Didn’t use the cheese on top…and I used my own vegetable stock. It would be a lot tastier if I used packaged – simply because they have a more well-rounded flavor…and quite a bit more salt. The cumin brings out a nice aroma and is definitely needed in this recipe!


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Cooking : Steak Hash, using leftover steak

Recipe here

Instead of using garlic powder, I omitted this and used about 1 tbsp of worchestershire sauce, then added salt and pepper to taste…

I also omitted the cheese as Emily doesn’t like cheese…

Overall it tasted alright, for something I hashed together with leftover steak! (ha)

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Cooking : Vegetable stew (Lentils, Potato, carrots)

Recipe is here

Minus the Kale, red wine vinegar, celery, and I substituted the garlic powder with minced garlic (handful of cloves). The longer you simmer (it tasted a lot better after 2.5hrs than when we tasted after ~1hr) the more taste you get out of it, it seems. The ideal is 2hrs+ because everything just melts in your mouth by then :)


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Cooking: well-done steak in the oven!

Recipe here

The approach is to first sear both sides of the steak, and then cook the rest of the way in the oven in a low temp (150 degrees C). This has worked especially well for steaks with a lot of tendon and fat, as the long time-low temp approach really helps to render the fat from something barely edible, to something just short of amazing. I’ve never been able to properly render fat on a steak until now, and I think low-temp cooking post-searing is the way to go…

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Cooking: Potato soup

Recipe here and here

As Emily doesn’t like bacon and butter, as well as milk, they have been omitted from the recipe. I added rosemary, thyme, some parsley and some basil (all dried spices, roughly a shake to 1/2 tsp). Used a quick stock of the chopped veggies (carrots and onions) as part of the water to make the soup – usually turns out well!

One thing to watch out for is the fact that the potatoes soak up a lot of salt – so add a little more than you think you might need. Alternatively, taste and add as necessary.



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